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Useful GIT and Drush aliases for your DrupalPro environment

Life Hack

As described on DrupalPro project page: DrupalPro is a downloadable pre-built machine image for Virtualbox; but may work equally well with VMware, QEMU, Parallels, or the like. It aims to be ready out-of-the-box for building websites, developing, theming, and contributing to Drupal. It's also useful for Trainers looking for a clean stable environment that can be setup in short-order.

We’ve created bunch of command aliases for GIT and Drush under DrupalPro. You can check the list of aliases below and set it up on your Drupalpro.

To set up next GIT and Drush aliases, edit /home/drupalpro/.gitconfig

$ sudo nano /home/drupalpro/.gitconfig

and add the following code under [alias] section

s = status
sml = ls-files -m
sm = status -uno
b = branch
ba = branch -a -v -v
bs = !git-branch-status
bsi = !git-branch-status -i
ci = commit
co = checkout
d = diff -C
ds = diff -C --stat
dsp = diff -C --stat -p
dw = diff -C --color-words
p = pull

edit /home/drupalpro/.bashrc

$ sudo nano /home/drupalpro/.bashrc

add the following code at the end of file:

alias dcc='drush cc all'
alias grep='grep --color=auto --exclude-dir=\.git'
alias gitpp='git pull && git push'
alias webr='sudo service apache2 restart'

After that for you'll be able to use command 'dcc' instead of 'drush cc all' or 'git s' instead of 'git status'.

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